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It’s not just Porsches, you know!

It’s not just Porsches, you know!

I’ve long maintained that driving an older Porsche makes more financial sense than buying a new more mundane car every few years. As I explain in my eBook, it’s also more environmentally friendly to treat a car as a sustainable, not a disposable, item.

So, when the Raby family car – an MG ZT190+ – was looking a bit tired I thought I should practice what I preach. If it works for Porsches, then why not for other cars? The MG has been in the family for some six years after we bought it at two years old. It was a great car with a massive spec and fast and comfortable. Over the years, though, it was abused and neglected and had become, well, a bit embarrassing. Time for a change. However, to buy a newer equivalent car – say a BMW or Audi – would cost about £15,000 and it would then depreciate over time, so would hardly be a good investment.

The alternative, then, was to give the MG a makeover. Dents were removed, paintwork was polished, carpets were shampooed, rubbish was thrown out. And underneath I discovered a great car once again. The cost of doing all this was less than most people would pay on a car loan each month and I now have a practical yet fun to drive family car that owes me nothing.

You can read the full story of the project and my thinking behind it in a future issue of MG Enthusiast magazine.

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