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A 996 that looks like a 997 GT3 – until you look inside

A 996 that looks like a 997 GT3 – until you look inside

I know that Porsches that have been updated into something they’re not are a bit naff but, I have to confess, they do fascinate me!

This car appeared on eBay recently. It’s a 1999 996 Carrera that’s been made to look like a 997 GT3. Now, I’ve not seen the quality of the work but in the photos it certainly cuts the mustard. Until, that is, you look inside, when you’re overwhelmed by mustard.

Yes, it’s got a Savanna yellow leather interior, a colour you either love or hate. Regardless of your opinion of it, though, there’s no doubt it’s not a shade you’d find in any sort of GT3. Why, oh why didn’t they start off with a car that had a plain black interior? OK, it would still have been a 996 cockpit but it would have looked so much better than this. As it is, the time and cost in changing the current leather to black would be prohibitive.

Mustard apart, if the car’s as good as it looks, then the selling price of just over £20,000 is not bad, bearing in mind that a standard 996 of this age would go for around £16,000. It would have to be a good conversion and a sound car mechanically, though.


  • isaac says:


    I am the purchaser of this car how funny is that, i just cam across this post.
    i wanted to change the rear light cluster to the clear LED one found on ebay for 996 to 997 conversion look, is it worth doing??

  • Phil says:


    Nice car you’ve got. Porscheshop sells LED 996 rear lights and I saw some recently on a car fitted with a 997 front and they really did help to update the rear end. So, yes, they’re worth getting.


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