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It’s not just Porsches, you know!

I’ve long maintained that driving an older Porsche makes more financial sense than buying a new more mundane car every few years. As I explain in my eBook, it’s also more environmentally friendly to treat a car as a sustainable, not a disposable, item. So, when the Raby family car – an MG ZT190+ – was looking a bit tired I thought I should practice what I preach. If it works for Porsches, then why not for other cars? The MG has been in the family for some six years after we bought it at two years old. It was […]

Porsches wanted!

One of the services I offer, is selling Porsches – and other interesting cars – on behalf of the owners. Many people don’t want the hassle of dealing with potential buyers. People like to buy cars from me, because I’m an enthusiast not a car dealer. I sell from my home (the cars are kept in a secure garage, and buyers like to chat Porsches over a coffee and I’m aways happy to offer advice. I’ve sold several cars to delighted new owners recently and am keen to get more stock. I’ve people asking for everything from a humble 996 […]

What, an oil leak after an engine rebuild?

Had a long chat with a chap who was disappointed to find that his 964 engine had an oil leak after an expensive rebuild. While I can understand his upset, I explained that a 911 engine is a complex machine and even the best mechanics don’t always get it right the first time. I remember a Porsche specialist telling me that, even after rebuilding 911 engines for 20 years, he still has his heart in his mouth every time he starts up a rebuilt engine and checks for leaks. It turned out that the offending leak was caused by a […]

A 996 that looks like a 997 GT3 – until you look inside

I know that Porsches that have been updated into something they’re not are a bit naff but, I have to confess, they do fascinate me! This car appeared on eBay recently. It’s a 1999 996 Carrera that’s been made to look like a 997 GT3. Now, I’ve not seen the quality of the work but in the photos it certainly cuts the mustard. Until, that is, you look inside, when you’re overwhelmed by mustard. Yes, it’s got a Savanna yellow leather interior, a colour you either love or hate. Regardless of your opinion of it, though, there’s no doubt it’s […]

For sale – 3.2 Targa with G50 box and rebuilt engine

Here’s a treat of a car. I sourced this for a client five years ago (where do the years go). He’s now got two young children and never uses the car, so he’s asked me to sell it for him. It’s got a fully rebuilt engine – and I mean fully rebuilt not the usual top-end and has done less than 10,000 miles on the new engine. Take a look here at the full details and get in touch if you’re interested.

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