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Turbo S plays a starring role

Turbo S plays a starring role

This month’s Total 911 magazine has a major feature on the 911 Turbo S series, from the 964 to the 997.

And the main feature car is a beautiful 996 Turbo S which we had specially photographed in the studio. That car has now come up for sale and I’m selling it! It really is a lovely, low mileage, beautifully maintained example.

Now, while standard 996 Turbos are relatively commonplace and some are surprisingly cheap, as with anything in life, you get what you pay for. The sub-£30,000 Turbos are early, high-mileage examples that, quite frankly, are often quite tired. You have to pay more to get a good one, and the rare S always goes for a premium.

Long term, the Turbo S is always going to be the better investment – it’s a rare car with a high specification and more power, so will remain more desirable.

You can get full details of the Porsche here.

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