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Is this the cheapest 996 Turbo in the UK?

Is this the cheapest 996 Turbo in the UK?

A Porsche 996 Turbo for under £24,000? That’s remarkable and is surely a bargain supercar, when you consider the Turbo’s performance and pedigree.

Look more closely at this example, though, and the price begins to make sense. It ‘s a 2000 car, so one of the first Turbos and has covered almost 104,000 miles, which is the highest I’ve seen on a Turbo. It doesn’t have PCM either but that’s no big deal as the sat-nav is now old technology. Not sure if the lady owner is a plus or a minus, though… 😉

The advert is rather vague, so I’d want to know a lot more about this car, in particular its history. I’d want to ensure that it had been properly maintained.

If all is well, then this could be a good buy. The Turbo engine is a tough cookie, although the turbochargers could be getting tired at this mileage, and replacements won’t be cheap.

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