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Cayenne – what a car!

Cayenne – what a car!

I rarely get to see Cayennes, so this one this morning made a nice change from all those 911s!

I know the Cayenne gets slagged off for its looks but I love them. They’re big, comfortable cars that also handle pretty well and really will go offroad if you want to. The big V8 sounds wonderful, too. And they’re a great bargain.

The 2003 S was up for £13,500 and had covered 67,000 miles (so many have done mega-miles so this was refreshing). If you want a family/load carrier then a Cayenne is hard to beat. The only problem, though, is economy – this was reading 16mpg…

It was also a lesson in preparing a car for sale. It was spotlessly clean, inside and out, but had not been overly tarted up. Sure, there was the odd chip here and there but I’d rather see those than a bodged attempt at covering them up. The only down sides were a set of cheap tyres and worn front brake pads.

I was almost tempted to gazump the buyer!

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