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Why we need Porsches

This video from Porsche promoted the 996 Turbo but the philosophy behind it applies to all Porsches and, indeed, other good things in life. Enjoy!

Damn, that was a good looking Porsche!

I was driving down the motorway yesterday evening, happily contemplating life, when I was passed by a 996. Now, some Porsche enthusiasts will claim that 996s are dull, even ugly, but I don’t agree. And this one was simply gorgeous. That brief glimpse left me buzzing with excitement. You see, it was a 996 Carrera 4S finished in Seal Grey Metallic. Now, the 4S is, to my mind, the best looking of all 996s and Seal Grey is one of my favourite 911 colours. What a combination! The Carrera 4s is, essentially, a Turbo bodyshell with a normal 3.6-litre engine […]