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And you thought you had it hard!

OK, nothing to do with Porsches but I thought this was so inspiring, I had to share it!

Why we need Porsches

This video from Porsche promoted the 996 Turbo but the philosophy behind it applies to all Porsches and, indeed, other good things in life. Enjoy!

Turbo S plays a starring role

This month’s Total 911 magazine has a major feature on the 911 Turbo S series, from the 964 to the 997. And the main feature car is a beautiful 996 Turbo S which we had specially photographed in the studio. That car has now come up for sale and I’m selling it! It really is a lovely, low mileage, beautifully maintained example. Now, while standard 996 Turbos are relatively commonplace and some are surprisingly cheap, as with anything in life, you get what you pay for. The sub-£30,000 Turbos are early, high-mileage examples that, quite frankly, are often quite tired. […]

968 Clubsports wanted in bulk!

I’ve had a request for up to six 968 Clubsports for export to Australia. Now, I know the Clubsport is a rare car – I believe only 189 RHD examples were made – so this is optimistic. However, if you do happen to be selling one of these great cars, do please get in touch.

Is this the cheapest 996 Turbo in the UK?

A Porsche 996 Turbo for under £24,000? That’s remarkable and is surely a bargain supercar, when you consider the Turbo’s performance and pedigree. Look more closely at this example, though, and the price begins to make sense. It ‘s a 2000 car, so one of the first Turbos and has covered almost 104,000 miles, which is the highest I’ve seen on a Turbo. It doesn’t have PCM either but that’s no big deal as the sat-nav is now old technology. Not sure if the lady owner is a plus or a minus, though… 😉 The advert is rather vague, so […]

944 Turbo – what’s it worth

I’ve been asked to value a 944 Turbo. Now, what great cars these were. 250bhp, near-perfect weight distribution for great handling, 0-60mph in 6.3sec and a top speed of 153mph. They were a bargain supercar and, oddly, Porsche sold them alongside the 911 3.2 Carrera which offered similar performance in a very different package. There’s an article comparing the two in the latest issue of Total 911 magazine. Today, the 3.2 Carrera is a sought-after classic, with good examples fetching £18,000, while fair ones rarely drop below £10,000. Not so the 944 Turbo. Despite its obvious benefits (on paper it’s […]

Financial crash?

From time to time, a damaged 911 appears for sale and, at first sight, they can look very tempting. Take a look at this one, for instance. £13,500 for a very low-mileage 2003 996 sounds a great deal, doesn’t it? Now, it’s impossible to assess fully the damage but I can see it needs a couple of front wings, bonnet, front bumper, at least one front light, front panel, while the inner wings and body structure are probably distorted, too. Looking at the puddle of coolant under the car, I’d bet it’ll need a new radiator and probably air-conditioning bits, […]

Video – why you need a 911

Here’s a great video that explains why a classic 911 is such a good buy. Sarah Bennett-Baggs – Showreel from RPM12 on Vimeo.

A celebration of the 964

My second 911 – and the one I have the fondest memories of – was a Forest Green 964. It was a great car and part of the inspiration for buying it was John Miles’ website, fondly known as John’s 964 Web. John started the site back in 2001 – when such fan sites were still a novelty – and it soon had a large following of 964 enthusiasts around the world. However, by 2005, John was busy with other things and the site lay dormant. Therefore, I’m proud to have spent time over the weekend helping to resurrect the […]

Would your car like to emigrate?

I’ve just sold a 911 to a guy who exports cars to Australia. And he’s desperate to find more – 911s, Lamborghinis and Ferraris. And he’s desperately looking for a really good 944 Turbo. So, if you’re looking to sell your Porsche and you think it’d like to start a new life down under, do get in touch with me. Rather your car stayed in the UK? No problem, I can help you sell it. Again, get in touch!

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