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Why take a gamble?

Why take a gamble?

On Saturday, I did something I rarely do – I bought a lottery ticket while picking up some groceries at Tesco. A couple of days later I checked the numbers and was disappointed to find I’d not won. What a rip-off! The lottery really is a tax on the stupid.

Sadly, most car buyers act in a stupid fashion when it comes to buying cars, pouring money into loans and depreciation, selling the car three years later at a huge lose and then repeating the cycle. They then dream of owning exotic cars such as Porsches and, you guessed it, waste more money on lottery tickets in the hope of realising their dream. Madness.

I’ve been told there’s a 0ne in 50 million chance of winning the lottery (so why do people buy more than one ticket – two in 50 million doesn’t increase the odd significantly…) which, to my mind, is close to zero in real terms. It’s just not going to happen (although if you do win after reading this, I’ll have a 997 Turbo, please).

There is, though, another way you can realise your dream of owning an exotic car, Porsche or otherwise. And that’s by changing the way you think about buying and owning cars. Read my eBook to find out how.


  • Dave Woodson says:

    I have a friend in Indy that every other year he buys a used Porsche, cleans it up drives it around, does what little work needs to be done on it and then sells it to someone for a couple grand more than he paid for it.

    He has a killer system and it really works for him, and he gets to drive a different Porsche every other year.


  • Phil says:

    Hi Dave

    Sounds like your friend has it well sorted!




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