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Low, low mileage 996 Carrera 4S

Low, low mileage 996 Carrera 4S

Low-mileage 911s keep coming out of the woodwork. We featured a 75-mile 964 in Total 911 recently. However, it’s rare to find a newer 911 that’s not been driven, so this 996 Carrera 4S is a real treat.

The wide-bodied Carrera 4S is one of the best-looking (to my eyes) 996s and remains sought after with prices at a premium over those of standard 996 Carreras. However, they’ve not escaped the depreciate which all 996s have suffered from and, today, you can collect a reasonable example for as little as £25,000.

So would you pay £39,000 for one that’s covered just 3000 miles from new? Tricky. Mileage aside, this does look a decent example with a good spec, although the ‘gloss black’ is an oddity – most were Black Metallic. Still, a solid colour will be easier to maintain and I’m sure it looks good.

The problem with anything like this is that the market is limited. Someone must really want a really good 996 Carrera 4S to pay such a premium for one. After all, you could buy a reasonable 997 for this figure.

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