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Cleaning job

Cleaning job

I took on a 3.2 Carrera to sell recently. When it arrived, the first thing I could see was that  it needed was a jolly good clean, inside and out.

Now, I’m not one of those people who will happily spend a weekend cleaning a car, life’s too short for that and, besides, I think an over-cleaned car can actually put buyers off. People would rather see a car in a ‘real’ condition rather than something so clean they’re afraid to touch it. Or maybe that’s just my excuse for not spending too long cleaning.

The first thing with this car was to get the jetwash on it. I love my jetwash and use it for everything from washing cars to cleaning the patio. The trick, though, is not to attack a car’s paintwork with a super-high-power jet, so I turn it down a bit. This car, like many, had loads of filth inside the wheel arches and car buyers love to run their fingers around the arches, so the jetwash was ideal for getting the mud out of those (I now need to clean the mud off the drive…).

Then I set to with a bucket of warm water with some car shampoo in (Mer, since you ask) and a soft sponge. I used lots of water to ensure that any grit was rinsed away, and then finished with the jetwash again. Finally, I dried the car with a microfibre cloth – if you don’t have one of these get one soon, they’re great for lazy car washes, drying off the water and leaving a smear-free surface. Brilliant.

Now for polish. Some people get really into car polish and have long, earnest discussions about what sort of South American plant makes the best wax, but I just use whatever’s to hand and is easy to apply. In this case, Swissol. A good polish made a huge difference to this car, bringing up the lovely gloss black paintwork a treat.

I also ensured the windows were clean – often people forget about the glass but it makes a big difference to the appearance of a car. The tyres do, too, so I wiped these with Swissol Pneu, which gives a natural black – ie not glossy – finish.

The interior I attacked with a vacuum cleaner, taking out all the carpets and mats. It came up a treat. The seats on this car are in remarkable condition but the leather was a bit dry, so I used  a leather cleaner and feed to soften them up, without making them look unnaturally restored (which I dislike).

An afternoon’s work reaped real benefits. I can now see the car for what it really is – a tidy example of a lovely 3.2 Carrera. If you’re interested, click here for full details.

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