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The automatic choice for the 21st century

I had an interesting chat with a client yesterday. He bought a 964 through me some time ago but later sold it. Now, though, he wants to return to Porsche ownership (these cars are so addictive!) and has set his heart on a 996 Turbo. A great choice as you get a lot of performance for your money and they’re tough, reliable machines. Now, most buyers of used 911s want a manual gearbox. Maybe it’s a macho thing but I must confess that I like the idea of changing gear myself. That said, the later Tiptronics and – more so […]

993 Turbo or Carrera 4S?

When I saw the title of this advert I was puzzled. How could a 993 be both a Carrera 4S and a Turbo? A Turbo has, as you’d expect, a turbocharged engine while the Carrera 4S has the Turbo wide bodyshell but a normally aspirated engine. Looking at the advert in more detail, I realised that this was, in fact, a Carrera 4S which has been treated to a turbocharged engine conversion – I suspect it’s had a 993 engine dropped in, rather than turbos being added to the standard engine, although that’s not made clear. Disregarding the fact that something […]

Save the environment – drive a Porsche

Here’s a fanciful story for you. Far, far away, on the planet Gerg, there’s an environmental disaster going on. Why? Because people get bored with their homes very quickly and, every couple of years, they move to a brand-new one. Their old houses plummet in value and so get snapped up by less wealthy people but, soon, they too move away, wanting the prestige of a new house with the latest fashions in soft furnishings. So the old houses, most of which are perfectly good, become worthless and get bulldozed to make room for new ones. The house-builders are, of […]

Is it a bucket of rust?

If you’re looking at an early 911 (by which I mean 1989 and earlier) then keep your eyes wide open for rust. These cars can corrode badly – and repairs aren’t cheap. You may think that a bit of bubbling around a headlamp is no big deal but the only real solution is a new wing, at a cost of at least £600 a side, plus fitting and spraying which can bring the cost to £1000 – or two grand for a pair. Front wings also rust around the fuel filler, along the top rear edge and down the rear […]

911 Turbo values are blown all over the place

The values of the original 930-model 911 Turbo are fascinating me – they’ll all over the place. I’ve commented on this before, but it came back onto my radar yesterday when a chap rang to say he was planning on paying £39,995 for this 1989 Cabriolet. That’s a lot of money but I have seen 930s selling for that sort of figure. Now, it looks a very nice car and the 1989 Turbos carry a premium because they were the last to be made and the only ones with a five-speed gearbox, which people like. At 62,000 miles it’s not […]

Too much choice

Just had a chap on the phone who wants to buy a 911 but has no idea what to get. As ever, I began by asking how he planned to use the car and what his budget was. He said he was looking for a fun car to do about 4000 miles a year in, and he wanted to spend between £18,000 and £25,000. My first reaction was 993 – a reliable and easy to live with Porsche that will hold its value and be a lot of fun. However, talking more, it seemed that he wanted to get right […]

History lesson

I’ve just received an email from someone looking at buying a 2001 996 with just 26,000 miles on the clock. Sounds attractive, doesn’t it? The only problem is the last service was done in 2004 at 17,000 miles. OK, that’s only 9000 miles ago and the service interval is 12,000 miles. Now, Porsche says that if the prescribed mileage isn’t reached, then the car should be serviced every two years, which this hasn’t. However, I think two years is a long time for a high-performance car to go without a service, so I like to see a minor service done […]