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996 is worth a look

996 is worth a look

There are some scruffy 996s around, especially at the lower end of the price bracket. So I was pleased to see this 2001, low mileage example.

It looks a tidy car, inside and out, is a lovely colour (although I’m not keen on the grey leather interior) has just had a clutch and RMS change (the latter a 996 weak point). The history sounds good, too.

What’s more, the advert is a lesson in how to do it. The car’s been clearly photographed (even if the location is a bit iffy) and the wording spells out all the important information about the car, without resorting to sales talk. The only thing that spoils it is the fact it’s all written in capital letters – WHY?

Finally, it’s very attractively priced, if it’s as good as it sounds. One to follow up if you’re in the market for an affordable 996.

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