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‘Facelift’ 996 for £11,500!

‘Facelift’ 996 for £11,500!

Ok, so it’s not really a facelift 3.6-litre 996 but rather an early 3.4-litre car that’s had the later headlights fitted. Even so, it’s still cheap so let’s find out why. Here are the reasons:

1, Mileage. Take a deep breath – 153,401 and counting. The advert says it’s just had an engine-out service at high cost, but I’d want to know more about that. Engine aside, at that mileage, other things will be wearing, such as suspension, transmission and so on.

2, Transmission – it’s a Tiptronic and these always sell for less than manual 996s.

3, Age – it’s a 1998 car and, as such, one of the first 996s. It’s hard to believe that these ‘modern’ 911s are now over 12 years old.

4, Location – I have to confess that I had to Google clackmannanshire – it’s north-west of Edinburgh. A lovely place, I’m sure, but with a relatively small population compared to southern England, the market for Porsches is limited.

5, Interior colour – for some reason Savannah leather is an unpopular colour for 911 interiors. I rather like it myself…

So what’s good about the car?

1, Colour – dark metallic blue is a popular colour for 996s and always looks smart.

2, 18-in split-rim wheels with, we’re told, new tyres. These look so much better than standard 996 rims.

3, GT3-style rear wing – adds a touch of drama to the 996’s lines, in my opinion.

4, Facelift front lights. These look better than the original ‘fried eggs’ but they also cast a doubt – why were the lights and front bumper replaced? Accident damage, perhaps?

So, an interesting car and sensibly priced. Despite all the negatives, surely £11,500 is the right money for this 996, and the advert appears to have been honestly and sensibly written. Worth checking out if you want a cheap 996 and you’re happy to take a bit of a gamble.

Update: I was tempted to buy this myself, but apparently it’s now sold. Didn’t hang around long!


  • Interior colour would put me off, but it’s one hell of a price that I could live with it, mileage wise if the transmission goes, with it being a tiptronic how much that be to replace, is everything mated to make it more expensive or are they generic parts?

  • Phil says:

    Actually, the Tiptronic wouldn’t concern me – it’s a tough unit and generally more reliable than a manual. Plus, it’s almost impossible to abuse an automatic, so you can assume the engine’s not been over revved. And Tiptronic owners tend, by their very nature, to be sensible drivers.

  • Suhasini says:

    Wish I could get the same in my country , you will be amazed to know the kinda price they charge here for this.

  • It looks amazing condition for 12 years. I guess the seats are a bit 1990’s but they don’t look like they’ve had 153k’s worth of use.

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