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Sportomatic is automatically rare

Sportomatic is automatically rare

Spotted this ad on Autotrader.

The ad doesn’t give much away but it does say it’s a Sportomatic. If so, then it’s a rare car.

Sportomatic is often described as a semi-automatic gearbox, but that’s a bit misleading. It is, in fact, a manual gearbox with an automatic clutch. Microswitches at the base of the gearlever sense when you start to move the lever and automatically disengage the engine and gearbox to allow you to make a change. Which means you can’t drive along with your hand resting on the gearstick!

Porsche introduced Sportomatic at a time when it didn’t have a suitable automatic transmission for the 911 and wanted to widen the car’s appeal. It didn’t prove that successful and was quietly dropped. This car would be one of the last Sportomatic-equipped 911s to have been built.

Over the years, many people have converted Sportomatics to conventional manuals, which is a shame because it’s an interesting piece of Porsche history.


  • Only 1 photo too maybe the owner doesn’t know exactly what it is? Do you think it’s worth more than the 8k they are asking?

  • Also wanted to add, I take it this doesn’t have a clutch pedal at all?

  • Phil says:

    It could be that the seller doesn’t know what the car is. For instance it’s down as 3.6-litre whereas an SC is 3.0-litre.
    Value sounds about right.

  • Phil says:

    That’s correct, there’s no clutch pedal.

  • allen narbett says:

    imagine my surprise, came across your page and found my latest purchase, have owned car for nearly a year now. after learning the trick of changing gear while keeping the left foot on the floor i must say the car is great fun to drive. three forward gears, 1st up to 45, 2nd up to 80mph and third for cruising and no heavy clutch when in traffic mean the wife can enjoy driving the car as well

  • Phil says:

    Great to hear from you and glad that you are enjoying the car!

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