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How to photograph your car to sell it

How to photograph your car to sell it

My last post was a selection of poor photos lifted from classified adverts. Here are some simple tips to photograph your car so that you show it in its best light and attract buyers. There’s nothing difficult here, just some commonsense advice.

Use a decent camera

No, you don’t need to fork out thousands on a pro-SLR but you can get a decent digital camera for £50 which will give great results. Avoid using your mobile phone camera unless it’s really good (most aren’t)

Find a good location

Maybe you don’t have the Hanging Gardens of Babylon on your doorstep, but at least find a clear, uncluttered background for your photos. And here’s a tip – cars can move, you don’t have to photograph them on a cramped driveway with the family saloon in the background.

Choose a nice day

Pro photographers can get the best out of any weather but you need to choose a bright but not too sunny day, and avoid rain and snow.

Keep it clean

It sounds obvious, but make sure the car is spotless – inside as well as out. Clear all that rubbish out the interior and remove the keys from the ignition before taking photos.

Avoid flash

Shooting with flash may seem the obvious way of photographing a car interior but, often, it ends up making the cockpit look a mess, by overlighting the dashboard and throwing light into the footwells, which you don’t want to emphasise. Take photos with and without flash and see the difference.

Take a selection

Your advert should, at the very least, have front and rear three-quarter shots, the interior and the engine. If the car has some nice touches (such as immaculate wheels) then photograph those, too, while a shot of the service history neatly laid out is nice.

Another quick browse of Pistonheads has brought up these photos. OK, they may not be works of art but they do their job of showing the car in its best light, and they are the sort of photos that anyone can take.

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  • I say on autotrader a 997 turbo that was snapped in a dock yard by loads of boats, I’m sure he added an extra 10% on the asking price because of it, it really does pull you in though

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