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Advert isn’t doing this 911SC justice

Advert isn’t doing this 911SC justice

Marketing a car well can make all the difference between getting a sale or not, or at least getting the best possible price.

Take a look at this advert for an SC. It caught my eye because I like SCs and this is sensibly priced, at first sight, looks good – it’s a great colour.

So what’s wrong with it? Well, starting from the top – he’s called it a ‘911 sc’ whereas it should be ‘911SC’.

Oddly, enough, they’re the only lowercase letters he’s used – everything else shouts at you, which is hard to read and offputting.

Scanning the ad, what sounds good to me are the mileage, new clutch, gearbox refurb and stainless steel exhaust – they’re the things he should be pushing at the start of the ad.

Electric windows and mirrors are standard on these cars, so don’t need mentioning, nor does the fact it has a 3.0-litre engine, while the MP3 player will actually put off buyers looking for an original car and, besides, isn’t a deal maker on a 911.

I’m confused by the comment about ‘part service history’ followed by ’18 MoT certificates and all the bill and receipts’. If it’s the latter, then the service history will be complete. Oh, and the colour is ‘Minerva Blue Metallic.’

The photos show the outside of the car nicely but what’s the interior like? I don’t really want to see a blurred shot of a tachometer! And why he’s covered up part of the numberplate? It’s hardly confidential information when it’s on display every time he drives down the road!

You may think I’m being harsh but I’m demonstrating how taking a bit of care over an advert can make such a difference when it comes to selling a car. In fact, assuming the car’s decent, I reckon I could sell it for £1000 more than he’s asking simply by marketing it properly. And remember that I offer a brokerage service to sell your Porsche on your behalf.

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  • Yeah I agree Phil, It’s as if he doesn’t want it to reach it’s full value or is hiding something. also the picture by the fence puts an image it’s been on bricks for the last 6 months in my mind

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