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Limited options

One of the fun features of the official Porsche site is the ‘Build your own Porsche’ section. Here, you choose the colour and specification of your perfect Porsche – and there are a huge amount of options available. I mean, how could you manage without a leather-covered rear-view mirror? People talk about cars needing the ‘right’ options so that will sell on the second-hand market and they have a point – a well specced car will shift quicker than a more basic one. There are some options which are regarded as essential – 18-inch wheels on a 996 in favour […]

Porsche history lesson

We Brits are obsessed with a car’s service history, to the extent that a car with a ‘full’ service history is easier to sell than one with gaps. So, what’s a service history good for? Well, it allows you to look back over a car’s life and check that everything ties up – in particular mileage. It also builds up a picture of how well a car has been looked after, and whether money has been spent on it. However, the importance of a full service history is often exaggerated. If you’re looking at a 25-year-old Porsche then knowing what […]

993 or 997

Had an email from someone wondering if he should change his 993 for a 997. This is a question I often get – or at least a variation of it, usually about moving from air-cooled to water-cooled (and occasionally the other way round). My usual answer is that the 997 is, naturally, the more modern car and easier to live with on a daily basis. It’s comfortable and has all the modern conveniences we’ve come to expect of new cars. It’s hard to fault. The 993, on the other hand, feels like an older car, as you’d expect. But it’s […]