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996 is worth a look

There are some scruffy 996s around, especially at the lower end of the price bracket. So I was pleased to see this 2001, low mileage example. It looks a tidy car, inside and out, is a lovely colour (although I’m not keen on the grey leather interior) has just had a clutch and RMS change (the latter a 996 weak point). The history sounds good, too. What’s more, the advert is a lesson in how to do it. The car’s been clearly photographed (even if the location is a bit iffy) and the wording spells out all the important information […]

996 Turbo S for sale

I’m selling a beautiful 996 Turbo S on behalf of a client. The Turbo S is a rare car and this is one of the best I’ve seen. Please click here for full details.

‘Facelift’ 996 for £11,500!

Ok, so it’s not really a facelift 3.6-litre 996 but rather an early 3.4-litre car that’s had the later headlights fitted. Even so, it’s still cheap so let’s find out why. Here are the reasons: 1, Mileage. Take a deep breath – 153,401 and counting. The advert says it’s just had an engine-out service at high cost, but I’d want to know more about that. Engine aside, at that mileage, other things will be wearing, such as suspension, transmission and so on. 2, Transmission – it’s a Tiptronic and these always sell for less than manual 996s. 3, Age – […]

Limited options

One of the fun features of the official Porsche site is the ‘Build your own Porsche’ section. Here, you choose the colour and specification of your perfect Porsche – and there are a huge amount of options available. I mean, how could you manage without a leather-covered rear-view mirror? People talk about cars needing the ‘right’ options so that will sell on the second-hand market and they have a point – a well specced car will shift quicker than a more basic one. There are some options which are regarded as essential – 18-inch wheels on a 996 in favour […]

Sportomatic is automatically rare

Spotted this ad on Autotrader. The ad doesn’t give much away but it does say it’s a Sportomatic. If so, then it’s a rare car. Sportomatic is often described as a semi-automatic gearbox, but that’s a bit misleading. It is, in fact, a manual gearbox with an automatic clutch. Microswitches at the base of the gearlever sense when you start to move the lever and automatically disengage the engine and gearbox to allow you to make a change. Which means you can’t drive along with your hand resting on the gearstick! Porsche introduced Sportomatic at a time when it didn’t […]

Porsche history lesson

We Brits are obsessed with a car’s service history, to the extent that a car with a ‘full’ service history is easier to sell than one with gaps. So, what’s a service history good for? Well, it allows you to look back over a car’s life and check that everything ties up – in particular mileage. It also builds up a picture of how well a car has been looked after, and whether money has been spent on it. However, the importance of a full service history is often exaggerated. If you’re looking at a 25-year-old Porsche then knowing what […]

Orange 997

After advising not using a mobile phone to shoot cars, I’ve been doing just that. The iPhone camera isn’t great but there are lots of apps for manipulating images. I use Mill Colour as it gives good control. Head to the Total 911 site to see more. Don’t forget your shades!

How to photograph your car to sell it

My last post was a selection of poor photos lifted from classified adverts. Here are some simple tips to photograph your car so that you show it in its best light and attract buyers. There’s nothing difficult here, just some commonsense advice. Use a decent camera No, you don’t need to fork out thousands on a pro-SLR but you can get a decent digital camera for £50 which will give great results. Avoid using your mobile phone camera unless it’s really good (most aren’t) Find a good location Maybe you don’t have the Hanging Gardens of Babylon on your doorstep, […]

Rogue’s gallery of Porsches for sale photos

Here’s fun. I’ve had a quick scan through Pistonheads and found a selection of images showing how not to photograph a car to sell it. Tips on how to get it right to follow!

Pinstripes look wonderful

Now here’s a cracking looking 911. Supersports are the wide Turbo-bodied 3.2 Carreras and this looks wonderful all in black. What caught my attention was the black pinstripe interior. Now, many people dismiss this, preferring full leather seats but I love the pinstripe fabric – it’s pure 1980s Porsche and was used more in 944s than 911s. It’s often badly worn by now but these seats look in fabulous condition. It’s funny that the guy is selling it because of the ‘birth of my new baby’ – I’ve not heard of anyone giving birth to an old baby. Sorry, I’ll […]

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