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High mileage + Tiptronic = good deal

High mileage + Tiptronic = good deal

Further proof here that a 911 with a higher than average mileage and a Tiptronic gearbox can be a good deal.

OK, the advert and the photos tell us very little about the car but it’s rare to see a Carrera 4S for under about £23,000.

It’s a good colour, on the outside at least, there are no interior photos and, like any C4S, it’s a great-looking car. Tiptronic makes sense in modern traffic, too, and if the car’s been well-maintained, then the mileage wouldn’t bother me.


  • Hey Phil,

    Great find, in your opinion is a manual a more difficult drive in the city? I really don’t like tip-tronics I love manual cars for me that’s what driving is all about.

  • Phil says:

    No, not really. People have driven manuals for years around town. By its very nature, though, an automatic is the lazy option – and there’s nothing wrong with that if you want it.

  • Thanks Phil,

    I really like the look of the 997 turbo especially with the air ducts over the rear arches, but I have a couple of questions if that’s ok?

    1, is the turbo just a 4s with a turbo, in that has it got a split ratio to front and rear or is it basically a rear wheel drive with a turbo stuck on it?

    2, in the recent article I think it was keith who went down to the a5 with the 9974s and said a turbo wouldn’t have been as much fun, just wondering why that is? I love the turbo shape but ultimately still want a every day car that is a real drivers car

  • Phil says:

    Hi James

    The Turbo is four-wheel-drive and has been since the 1990s.

    The Carrera and Turbo are very different cars to drive with their own unique characteristics. Some people prefer the involvement of a normally aspirated engine. Both make fine every day cars.


  • Hey Phil,

    That’s excellent thanks, does the turbo have much lag and any over run like ”normal” turbo’d cars. I’m guessing the turbo in a porsche engine is better than most

  • Phil says:

    Modern 911 Turbos have two small turbochargers working in parallel, rather than one large one. This means that lag is greatly reduced – on a 997 it’s hardly perceptible. It drives like any normal car – only faster.

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