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Righting a good advert

Righting a good advert

Browsing through online classified ads for Porsches, I’m amazed at how poorly worded many of them are. A quick scan today revealed the following howlers:

Porssche, Suspensin brace, photographic recored, Competion rear wings

And they were all in one advert!

Regular mistakes include Artic Silver (that’ll be a big lorry colour, then), Porch (somewhere for your wellies), Zenon headlamps (sounds like a rock musician) and Unique Numberplate (I thought every one was unique).

And then there’s the lack of capital letters (tiptronic, carrera, targa)or, even worse, too many capitals (PORSCHE FOR SALE), plus a liberal sprinkling of apostrophes just for good measure (Fuch’s, MoT’ed, £1000’s spent).

And these aren’t ads for £800 Ford Fiestas but Porsches costing up to £80,000. How can people earn enough money to buy cars like that if they can’t string a sentence together?

Finally, there’s the plain unhelpful. Here’s a real advert for a £37,000 911 but it’s not really selling it to me:

Only 13,9000 KMS from new, huge specification including Sat Nav,bose sound system, sports exhaust and sunroof.All usual extras.One owner car,as new.

And that’s it. I’ve no idea what ‘all usual extras’ are – wheels and engine, perhaps?

So, if you’re writing an advert, make an effort to get the terminology correct, describe the car accurately, in reasonable detail and make it sound appealing. It will increase your chances of selling it.

Oh, and if you don’t want the bother, I offer a brokerage service and can sell your Porsche on your behalf; dealing with potential buyers and even writing the adverts!

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