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911SC could be a good investment

911SC could be a good investment

A fellow motoring writer Adam Towler sent me this classified ad.

A 911 for under £10,000 can be a gamble but first impressions are that this is an honest car. I’m sure it’s not perfect but it does look original and unmessed around – which is becoming increasingly rare with SCs. With buyers preferring original cars, something like this will become increasingly sought after in years to come.

So why the price? Well, it may be full of rust which would be sad, but 911 prices are mileage sensitive and this one has over 100,000 miles on the clock. Not much for a car of this age but so many buyers are – misguidedly – looking for what they call low mileage examples and are put off by anything over 100,000. You see this effect even more with 993s – if you want a cheap 993 get a high mileage one.

The good news is, the SC engine (and the 993’s for that matter) is a tough cookie and is good for many more miles than this, so long as it’s been looked after. If the bodywork checks out on this example then I reckon it would back a good buy and, if you keep its service history up, it’ll hold its value and maybe even appreciate over time.


  • Hey Phil,

    Are the older models like this quite likely to go back up in value like the old BMW m3? The very first m3 in tip top condition is now worth a fortune, what are your thoughts on it?

  • Phil says:

    Well, classic cars are being tipped as a good investment. Also, there is an increasing shortage of decent older 911s for enthusiasts to buy. Who can predict the future (if I could, I’ve have snapped up lots of LHD 911s three years ago!)?

    However, at the end of the day, don’t buy a 911 as an investment – buy it to have some fun with. If you end up making a bob or two, then so much the better.

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