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GT3 lookalike looks like good value

GT3 lookalike looks like good value

There’s nothing unusual about early 996s for around £16,000 but you have to tread carefully – some are less than perfect.

This car on Pistonheads, though, stands out from the crowd.

The GT2 bodykit is something you’ll either love or hate but the big news is the fact it’s had a new engine just 11,000 miles ago. This should have been an updated 3.4 unit with the occasional problems associated with the early cars ironed out. Great peace of mind for a buyer. The service history looks good, too, and the advert’s been sensibly worded.

Of course, you can’t judge a car simply from an advert but I reckon this 996 is worth a look if you’re in the market for one.

The only thing the seller has done wrong is adding the rather aggressive comments at the end. He should be welcoming customers with open arms. Also, buyers love to think they’re getting a good deal by haggling, so refusing offers will put some people off.


  • Hi Phil,

    Is it me or does the back end look too high? Looks nice and low with the GT2 bodykit but looks like it’s missing a rear diffuser from this angle, I’m probably completely wrong but it just looks slightly odd Good price though, any probs to watch out for the early 996’s?

  • Phil says:

    Probably just the angle of the photos, although the standard 996 does sit higher than a GT3.

    Check for oil leaks on early 996s and get one with a good history.

  • Phil, in your opinion as a porsche god, what is your favourate? Could we have a post on it with tons of pictures etc?

  • Phil says:

    Tricky one! I’ll mull it over. 🙂

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